The journey to energy efficiency does not end with the installation of a BAS (Building Automation System), it's only the beginning. The information generated by the BAS needs to be monitored and analyzed and acted upon in order to be effective.

90% of all building automation systems are not energy efficient, costing industry and commerce 100's of millions a year on additional energy costs.


Cylon Active Energy SaaS Product

Cylon Active Energy SaaS product is an energy monitoring system that provides real time (every 15 minutes) information on the energy usage and consumption in a building.
The toolkit, includes reporting tools such as charting, analysis, and alarming, via simple and user-friendly interfaces and alerts. These tools allow the users to monitor energy performance in real time, to receive alarms during periods of energy consumption change and most importantly, to take any required action.



Cylon's native BACnet model is an open system developed specifically to facilitate the integration of building control systems. It can be implemented in devices of any type or size and is not tied to current technologies or current supplier. It facilitates, for example, data transfer between devices in a system, creating alerts or prompts that action is needed. Cylon native BACnet can be developed to meet the changing needs to customers. 


  • Payback periods of less than 2 years
  • Reduced energy costs of up to 25%
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Extended equipment lifetime through efficient operation
  • Multi-building energy performance bench-marking
  • Real-time energy performance analysis and display
  • Energy alerts in real time
  • Increased public and staff awareness
  • Maintained occupancy comfort levels
  • Reduced carbon emissions


Ease of Connecting to the Cylon Energy Solution

  • The Cylon Energy solution is agnostic and can be adapted to suit any type of building regardless of the Building Automation System or metering solution installed. 

  • You do not need to have a Cylon Controls Building Automation System installed to connect to the Cylon Energy Solution. But through its partners Cylon can install a Unitron UC32 or BACnet BAS as part of the solution provided if required.

  • The solution can be configured and adapted to suit the customers needs.

  • There are no limits to the number of information points or geographical locations that can be connected to the system making it an ideal central energy monitoring and management tool for multisite and multi-building organizations.


The Cylon Energy Solution operates on a user friendly interface, that enables the user to monitor energy consumption and generate usage charts, analysis, alarms, and reports. 

These features allow the end user to monitor the energy performance of their building in real time and receive alerts during periods of energy consumption anomalies which may indicate a system override, a leak or a change in the building occupancy patterns that needs to be taken into consideration.


Cost Effective

  • When you consider that the Cylon Energy Solution can provide energy savings of 20 – 25% and in some cases can save up to 40% depending on the building type and usage, the cost of investment is quickly paid back.

    Payback periods can be up to 2 years or in some cases as little as 6 weeks.  

  • Cylon offer various packages that operate on a connection of a minimum of 3 meters and up to 250+ meters. Contact us to learn more.