eBuilding is your foundation for lower costs and increased efficiency in energy management, comfort control and facility monitoring. eBuilding maximizes your long-term value by integrating the latest building automation standards with commercial information technology, giving you standards-based solutions that are Internet powered, BACnet compliant and IT friendly.

eBuilding incorporates ASHRAE BACnet/IP for Ethernet communications and BACnet RS-485 MS/TP for I/O device networking. Combined with eBuilding's native XML and HTTP support, BACnet ensures your building automation investment will be preserved many years into the future. Anywhere, anytime access to facility management information through a standard web browser is certainly a part of Internet-powered facility management. But there's a lot more.
Web-enabled isn't enough. Internet-powered is the future.

Internet-powered facility management includes the ability to remotely view animated, graphical web pages for remote system diagnostics. Even more, it includes the ability to modify control logic and operator screen graphics over the Internet. All through standard firewalls without special ports, maintaining information system security.

Internet-powered also means using XML as a core component of the system to maximize compatibility and integration. HTTP and XML are used for controller data communication to simplify system integration. In addition, all eBuilding network controllers include Ethernet TCP/IP ports so there is no need for gateways or custom network interfaces.

eBuilding employs the industry standard Apache web server, enabling the use of off-the-shelf administrative tools and ensuring easy migration as web technology evolves.

Bottom line? The eBuilding line is a complete, integrated set of system components including network level controllers, programmable and preprogrammed unitary controllers, a modular I/O system and a fully integrated set of configuration and user interface software.