The eBuilding System Controller is the heart of the eBuilding system, allowing building managers to monitor and control facilities locally or over the Internet.

Controller data is presented using standard XML format over HTTP, making it possible to integrate eBuilding information with virtually any Internet connected desktop application or back-end data processing system.

The eBuilding System Controller is available in six basic models, each supporting a different combination of Cylon Unitary Controllers, TRC Unitary Controllers, eTRAC I/O points, and third-party BACnet devices to match a large variety of application needs. All six System Controllers can also be ordered with the TSC Protocol option to communicate with the TSC AX/LE and iVAVs.

  • Built-in web server and Internet interface XML formatted data over HTTP
  • XML formatted data over HTTP
  • Built-in Ethernet 10/100 LAN connections
  • BACnet/IP protocol over Ethernet
  • BACnet MS/TP RS-485 for I/O
  • Graphical configuration and programming
  • Teletrol TSC unitary controller support
  • LEDs and keypad display for troubleshooting and configuration