The eTRAC I/O System for eBuildingĀ Controllers consists of two basic components: the eTRAC transceiver module and a family of modular input/output devices that can be used with the eBuilding System Controller.

eTRAC Transceiver modules connect to the controller via a BACnet MS/TP RS-485 communications bus and each can support up to 16 I/O points.

The eTRAC Repeater, with optically isolated ports, makes it ideal for both extending a network and isolating it . In addition, the eTRAC RS-232 interface board is available to allow easy access to the entire network through an RS-232 connection.

Flexible and easy to install, eTRAC lowers installation costs because they can be placed near the equipment being controlled and can interface directly to most field devices. eTRAC communication modules include Binary Input, Binary Output Relay, Binary Output Heavy-Duty, Dual Output Triac, Pulse Counter/Binary Input, Analog Input, and an Analog Output.

  • Modular design let you choose just the I/O you need
  • BACnet MS/TP communication with controllers
  • Locate I/O points at the field equipment to reduce wiring costs and increase reliability
  • Accurate temperature measurements with high resolution analog inputs
  • Wide selection of I/O, including optically isolated binary inputs and triac outputs