Software has become the heart of building automation systems. Teletrol's eBuilding software leverages industry standards to give users access to Internet-powered solutions while remaining IT-friendly. Teletrol's eBuilding software facilitates rapid, accurate application development, commissioning and building operation.


Site server software

Envoy is the software component of the eBuilding Site Server. Providing eBuilding with a centralized web server capability, Envoy also has the ability to gather and store critical system data and make it accessible to all eBuilding users.
Envoy features a multi-user web server which presents both pre-defined Teletrol eBuilding web pages, as well as custom pages designed with Facility Builder. These pages can present any view of your facility you need, displaying data from any available site device or object.

  • Web interface makes data available anywhere using Internet Explorer
  • Manages trend/historical data storage from one location
  • Delivers alarms to web browsers, pagers or email
  • Manages system log and audit files to track building activity
  • Incorporates Apache web server


Configuration software

Teletrol's software package for configuring eBuilding systems, Edifice allows you to configure all of your eBuilding hardware including System Controllers, Cylon UC and UCU devices, eTRAC I/O and application specific controllers. In addition, Edifice can configure all of the eBuilding objects in the System Controller including equipment, program blocks, schedules and alarms.

  • One application to configure system controllers, input/output points and controllers
  • Configuration files are saved on the site server during online configuration, allowing changes to be stored and retrieved by another user
  • Automatic generation of tabular web pages 
  • Edifice's Facility Builder enables rapid development of graphical web pages


Programming software

Teletrol's software package for eBuilding program development , Easel is unique in its ability to seamlessly mix line-oriented programming with graphical block programming. Complex functions (which can typically be written more quickly and reliably as line-oriented programming) can be packaged within blocks to hide their complexity and make them easy to re-use.

  • Graphical and line-oriented programming in one package 
  • Optional, line-oriented programming with JavaScript 
  • Models HVAC equipment as program blocks 
  • Includes library of common HVAC function blocks and programming examples
  • Build upon existing library blocks to create custom blocks and libraries with minimal programming
  • Off-line simulation mode allows program to be tested w/o need for hardware