The eBuilding product line includes a series of programmable and preprogrammed unitary controllers that work with the Teletrol Systems Controller.

eBuilding Pre and Programmable Unitary Controllers

Cylon Controls Unitary Devices

  • UCU8, UCU12 and UCU10VAV
  • UC 32.24

TRC Unitary Device - 18 models available


  • Includes ASHRAE BACnet MS/TP RS-485 network
  • Supports single and multiple stage heating and cooling, with or without economizer. Fancoil commercial and hotel option also available.
  • Compatible with gas and electric heat RTUs.
  • Conforms to standard RTU-thermostat wiring interface - no separate power supply required.
  • Elimimates the need for RTU mounted controller.
  • Integrated VAV damper actuator version (i-VAV) available.


  • Precise, stand-alone control for VAV, VVT, heatpump, packaged units and other unitary applications.
  • Designed for custom developed sequences.