The Cylon Active Energy Manager Tool provides the Facilities Manager, or Energy Manager, with analytical tools to monitor and manage building energy consumption in real time to achieve tangible energy savings via an internet enabled device.


Facility Management Benefits

  • Improve building energy performance
  • Reduce energy consumption by up to 25%
  • Reduce cost and carbon footprint
  • Reduce time spent on manual analysis
  • Maximize the return on existing investment in BEMS equipment
  • Comply with legislation and standards
  • Simplify the management of a building portfolio across a wide geographical area


Features of Cylon Active Energy Manager Tool

  • No geographical boundaries allowing for multi building connection
  • No meter connection limits
  • Easy and cost effective to set-up
  • User friendly and intuitive interface
  • Compatible with most BEMS with an SQL or MS Access database
  • Advanced energy analytics
  • Identifies no-cost/low cost areas for energy improvement
  • Energy project tracking
  • Tariff comparison analysis
  • Enables proactive/predictive control



Watch our short video below to learn more about how Cylon Active Energy Manager can enhance facilities management of environmental and energy controls.



Advanced energy management tool from an expert BMS control manufacturer

Our energy management solution is born out of our extensive expertise in the design and manufacturing of building control systems and our deep understanding of what drives energy consumption. 

Contact a member of the Cylon Energy team today to learn how Cylon Active Energy Manager can benefit your Facilities Management.